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Welcome to the page "How to Build a Poker Table".

On this page you will find three poker tables which you can read about. The first one is my (David) creation and about that you can read here below.

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Davidīs poker table

David: After searching on the web and on I decided to build a oval table and after three to four hours hard work per day during one week, the table was done.

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Design of the table

I started with finding an old table, price: 150 SEK (16,27 EUR). The table already had an oval shape so I placed the chipboard on the table and used the table as template for the rail.

Create the rail

I placed two sheets of chipboard on top of each other. Price: 69 SEK (7,45 EUR) each. The sheet which is on top of the other has the same inner diameter as the tableīs outer diameter. I glued and screwed them together.
On the sheet at the bottom I drew the inner diameter of the rail. The rail is 10 cm wide. You can use another value if you like, depending on the thickness and stiffness of the foam you are using.
To my foam I used a material which is much similar to the material you can use as mattress when you are out camping (in swedish: liggunderlag). But this material has one side with yellow paper on it and beneath it, it was a layer of glue so I could easily glue two sheets together and make it 2 cm thick.
Perfect for me. But it became quite stiff. Hard to work with.
After placing the rail on the foam I cut off the excess foam. Leaving 2 cm on the outer side and a little over 1 cm on the inner side.
Then I placed the vinyl, price: 139 SEK/m (15 EUR/m), under the foam and began to nail the vinyl to the rail, up side down. Starting on the both long sides, then the arcs, stretching the vinyl as much as I could.
Then cutting off the excess vinyl and nailed the inner side. Watch out for wrinkles.

Create the racetrack and the center-field

The surface of the table is quite bad so I had to use another material for the racetrack. I used oak laminate price: 180 SEK (19,43 EUR), same as you can use as floor.
I used the chipboard-sheet which I used for the rail to make the laminate more stabile. I saw them to the right size and glued them together.
On top of the laminate I drew the line for the center-field.
After the center-field was sawed out, I dressed the center-field with green poker felt, width: 160 cm, 50% cotton 50% microfiber price: 250 SEK/m (26,98 EUR/m). I used 1 meter.
And then I only had to put the center-field back in the hole and put the rail ontop. Done!


As you might observe I didnīt screw the pieces together: table, rail, racetrack and center-field. So itīs easy to deassemble the table and the pieces are heavy enough so they will not move during the game. And I can take away the rail and put on a cloth and use the table as an ordinary table. Sweet!


Table (1 st): 150 SEK (16,27 EUR).
Chipboards (2 st): 138 SEK (14,9 EUR).
Foam: 0 SEK, a friendīs dad gave it to me. Many thanks.
Laminate: 180 SEK (19,43 EUR).
Vinyl (2 m): 278 SEK (30,00 EUR).
Glue and screws: 30 SEK (3,24 EUR), still alot of glue left.
Green poker felt (1 m): 250 SEK (26,98 EUR).

Total: 1026 SEK (110,72 EUR).

Also many thanks to my father for assistancing me during this creation.

I will soon make a shelf under the table where we can put our beers and other refreshments. Of the excess chipboards.

Admit that you also want a poker table? Well, build one, itīs easy!

For comments and questions, send me an e-mail.

/David Nyberg M.Sc.ME