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Fredrik´s poker table

Fredrik: I had plans to build a poker table for a long time. Summer 2004 I began to realize my plans. The design and the size of the table is my own, adapted to how much space I have at home. I got some inspiration from
The table is made for eight players but a maximum of ten players.

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Design of the table

I walked by the Swedish company "Fordons gruppen". They repair heavy vehicles. At the backside of their property, was a board which you can see at the picture. For them it was garbage but for me it was a poker table. So this became the structure of the table.
The board is a sandwich of aluminium, wood and foam. It is light but stiff so with other words: The perfect poker table.
First thing I did was sawing out the form. Start size: 175x125 cm.

Create the rail

After that I placed an MDF board on the sandwich for a better wooden feeling. I glued them together.
As rail I used plywood. I glued two layer of plywood toghether for getting the desired thickness.
Now it was time for the foam. I used a material which is much similar to the material you can use as mattress when you are out camping (in swedish: liggunderlag). Two plates thick for a softer and thicker rail.
So the rail is two pieces thick on top and one piece thick on all sides. They are glued together.

Now it was time for the skin to come on. I sewed four pieces together. The skin is nailed to the bottom of the rail.

Create the center-field

The frame was painted black.
I put a chromed list to the side of the frame to match the legs which also is chromed.
You can also see the hole I made in each corner of the table. The purpose of the hole is that the rail has four spikes at the bottom so the rail will not move during a game. And when I want to clean the table it's easy to put away the rail.

The legs

Here are the chromed legs. The legs can be easily folded if I want to move the table. The legs are glued and screwed to the frame.


Here is the finished table. The pokerfelt I used is made by 50% cotton and 50% microfiber. I think the red colour match the skin and the black frame very well.
Under the pokerfelt there is a thin felt made by cotton, for the right feeling.
Then I only had to invite some friends and the game was on.


Frame: 0 SEK
MDF + plywood: 400 SEK (43,37 EUR).
Foam: 150 SEK (16,26 EUR).
Skin: 200 SEK (21,68 EUR), not the highest quality.
Pokerfelt: 250 SEK (27,10 EUR).
Thin cottonfelt: 90 SEK (9,76 EUR).
Glue and paint: 300 SEK (32,52 EUR).
Legs: 0 SEK, I took them from an old office table.

Total: 1390 SEK (150,70 EUR)

Total time I spent on building this table was sex hours not counting the hours it took for the paint and the glue to dry.