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Danielīs poker table

Daniel: The building of my own exclusive Wild Western poker table.

I have chosen to build a table which I shaped like a octagon.
The reason is that I wanted the table to look like those in the Wild West.
My table is built in exclusive material like genuine leather, oak and stainless steel.
So this table will last my lifetime out and even my children's. is a good site for inspiration.

The racetrack

The ground plate is as simple as parquet floor in stained oak.
I bought a square plate that measures 1.50*1.50 meters. On this plate I lay the parquet floor and glued it all together with ordinary wood adhesive.
After a day when the parts have dried, I cut out the octagon shape.

This was the easy part.

The next step was to cut out the octagon hole in the middle of the table so I could countersink the stainless steel plate in to it.
To make this possible I draw out the octagon shape in the middle of the table.
Each side of the octagon is 24 cm and the diameter is 59 cm. Then I used an angle grinder to grind down 3 mm (the thickness of the stainless steel plate) in the parquet floor.
The reason for this was because I wanted the edge to be really sharp.

Now I had the octagon shape and to remove all the wood that was in side I used a wood chisel to cut it out. Finally I drilled a hole with a diameter of 11 mm in the center of the octagon shape.

This is the result:

To the left: The octagon hole there I will countersink the stainless steel plate.
To the right: The sharp edge.

Create the center-field

The next step was to cut out a octagon shape of the stainless steel plate (the steel is acid-proof with number 4301).
I draw out the octagon shape on the stainless steel plate and then I cut it out with the angel grinder (#2 #2.1).
The diameter of the octagon is little smaller than 59 cm, and each side is also little smaller than 24 cm because it has to fit in the hole.
In the middle of the plate I welded a M10 screw-thread. I did this because I will screw the stainless steel plate together with the wood plate. Then I glued the tablecloth to the stainless steel plate.
The upper left picture:
The stainless steel plate with the M10 screw-thread.

The upper right picure:
The tablecloth glued to the stainless steel plate.

The left picture:

Now it is enormously simple to put the two plates together. You pot the dressed stainless steel plate in to the hole on the wood plate and just screw it together.

Create the rail

The making of the border was really difficult. From the black leather I cut out eight pieces in the same size. I had to shape the pieces so I get the octagon shape when I put them together. Then I sew it all together.
The stuffing I used in the border was ordinary ground sheets. As with the leather I had to cut out eight pieces that will form a octagon shape when you put them together. Then I glued the eight pieces together with the wood table. And after this I dressed the ground sheets with the leather using a drawing-pin machine.

Create the frame

The complete wood plate I placed on an oak frame with legs. Then I just screw it together with the each other with a four angle iron.

This is the finished table


It was really fun to create this table. I work approximately 40 hours on the table and I spent more or less 1500 SEK (162,50 EUR) during the creation. But I estimate the real cost to above 3000 SEK (325,00 EUR) because I got many parts for free or for a major reduced price.

Feel free to send an e-mail to me if you have any comments or if you have questions.

/ Daniel Rojecki, M.Sc.ME